The Complete Catalog of Movie Cameras

3,600 movie cameras on 480 pages. All movie cameras in the small formats 9.5 mm, 16 mm, 8 mm, Super 8, Double-Super 8 and Single-8 are presented in the catalog.

The stories of the most important manufacturers are told. 

Jürgen Lossau: The film camera catalog, 160 x 210 mm, 480 pages, 1,500 color photos, German/English, ISBN 3-9807235-3-4

The Complete Catalog of Movie Cameras

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Everything about Aaton, Agfa, Alef, Ansco, Arco, Arri, Bauer, Beaulieu, Bell & Howell, Bolex, Bolsey, Canon, Carena, Chinon, Christen, Cineric, Copal, Coronet, Cosina, Debrie, Dekko, DeVry, Ditmar, Dralowid, Elmo, Ensign, Ercsam, Eumig, Fairchild, Franklin, Fuji, Geyer, Heurtier, Keystone, Kodak, Konica, Leitz, Ligonie, Mamiya, Meopta, Minolta, Nikon, Nizo, Noris, Pathé, Pentacon, Petri, Polaroid, Revere, Ricoh, Rollei, Sankyo, Siemens, Silma, Univex, Victor, Wittnauer, Yashica, Zeiss Ikon and the Russian camera manufacturers.

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