SUPER 8 Reading Pack 1

Handbook SUPER 8 (49.95 Euro) plus the first four issues of the SUPER 8 Magazine (40 Euro) plus subscription of the next four issues of the SUPER 8 Magazine (65 Euro) in a Super Reading Pack for 99 Euro only. No further shipping costs. Limited offer.

SUPER 8 Reading Pack 1

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How is film different than video? How do I find the right camera? What film stocks are available today? There are more than 30 types! Where and how is it developed? How can I do it myself? Who should I let repair my camera? How do I maintain it? What digital scanners are available for Super 8? How do I edit film on computer and use the additional possibilities it offers: Image stabilization, colour correction, film improvement with Avisynth? How do I work with wet or tape splicers? What projectors are most efficient? Which competitions can I submit my film to? What I need to know about the history of film formats: 9.5 mm, 16 mm, 8 mm, Super 8, Double Super 8 and Single-8?

SUPER 8 - Handbook by Jürgen Lossau

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The film handbook for the digital age – with brief instructions for Super 8 film beginners. 148 x 210 mm, approx. 290 pages, 300 colour photos, in German/English, ISBN 978-3-938619-03-2.