Single-8 Story (English)

60 years of Single-8! FUJIFILM's film format is celebrating a milestone anniversary in spring 2025. Jürgen Lossau therefore wants to present an illustrated book with all the cameras from Fujica, Elmo, Canon, Konica and Yashica. And there will be new information about the history of the film format.

Single-8 Story (English)

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Jürgen Lossau
Single-8 Story

  • Why FUJIFILM built thousands of cameras and films in 1964 for a movie film format that didn't even exist then
  • What really happened when Kodak left the working group for a new film format with FUJIFILM, Canon, Konica, Agfa, Yashica and Bell & Howell in early 1964
  • Sakura film: Why Sakura film is recommended in the cartridge compartments of Konica Single-8 cameras, but was never available to buy
  • The secret of the golden Fujica P1: A camera as a trophy
  • Dismantled Fujica P1: The 200 parts of the camera
  • ELMO C-300 - The most universal of all movie cameras: for formats Single-8, Super 8, Double 8, Double Super 8
  • FUJICA ZS400: The only optical sound camera for small format movie film 
  • A facade like a film package: A Japanese fan and his Single-8 house
  • Commercials about FUJIFILM Single-8 with direct QR codes for viewing
  • Japanese toys: Single-8 cameras as water pistols, lamps or kits
  • My Single-8 - the Japanese magazine for filmmakers
  • ELMO, Canon, Konica, Yashica - all about the 13 Single-8 models from the other manufacturers
  • A Japanese actress who became a Single-8 advertising icon
  • Shigeo Mizukawa: All the prototypes of FUJIFILM's Single-8 models
  • Albrecht Graf Goertz: A German designs two Single-8 cameras for FUJIFILM
  • Too short: The Agfa Single-8 film
  • Fujica Single-8: All models, all data
  • The camera that never came onto the market: Gakken Single-8 
  • 60 years of Single-8: Which films were available in the past, which films are available today
  • ELMO Single-8 cameras: The tricky ones with mirror and rewinding
  • Single-8 - the Japanese feature film that was created in 2023


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This book is now available for pre-order and will be delivered in spring 2025. If the required number of 300 orders does not materialize, payments will be refunded at the end of 2024.

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Jürgen Lossau: Single-8-Story German/English, 210 x 297mm, illustrated book, all pages in color, approx. 140 pages. Including shipping to all countries.